ADTO Freelance Sales Agents Recruitment Program - Help you make money more easily

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Since more than 90% of discretionary buying power has not been satisfied, interpersonal network has vast surplus value to be developed. Why hasn’t the discretionary buying power been satisfied?

Lack resources!

Lack measures!

Lack supports!

Lack revenue protection!

Being a freelance sales agent of ADTO Platform, we can provide you with:

Thousands of superior supply chain resources

Marketing supports of the platform will make your sales easier

The platform will provide very generous part-time sales revenue

Risk-free and guaranteed

ADTO Business Union Freelance Sales Agents(Partners) Recruitment Program

Help you make money more easily

Grow your wealth by 100% through the discretionary buying power of your connections



Taking "Help enterprises sell to the world easily" as mission, ADTO Business Union---an international market digital operator, is dedicated to helping global partners to develop channel agents and key customers(It can be original brand or the new brand), and establishing joint ventures or strategic cooperation with partners(As your second sales department). With the sales model of " Focusing on part-time sales, coupling with professional sales", and core value of "Integrity, Innovation, Sharing and Win-win", ADTO has been adhering to the multi-dimensional marketing concept to create more value for customers and exceed customers' expectation.

  At present, four main business lines are launched to help enterprises sell to the world easily: Domestic Project, Domestic Channel. International Business, New Media.

5 Core Business Departments

ADTO Engineering -- Construction General Contract, Subcontract and Advance-fund One-stop Service

ADTO Building Material -- Building Materials & Equipment Solutions One-stop Service

Fudaoju Real Estate -- Help Real Estate Companies Sell Houses Easily, and Multiply Wealth for Freelance Sales

ADTO Commercial Service -- Investment Invitation Integrated Service Provider

Yuancheng Hotel -- Hotel Integrated Operation Service Provider




1. Excellent Supply Chain Resources -- High-quality, favorable price and competitive

 64 categories cover a vast number of commodities worldwide

 The supply chain covers top enterprises of the industry, including dozens of Chinas top 500 enterprises ( eg: ZDP, Jiangnan Cable, ADOL Paint, Westinghouse Electric, DONGPENG, Marco Polo, Forest Lighting, 3trees, Tubao etc.)

 Factory direct supply, the same brand with competitive price

2. High Revenue

ADTO platform provides generous part-time sales service fees

For international business: you can receive 0.4%-4% of the sales amount as intermediary service fees (It depends on the specific project.)

3. Easy-to-sell

(1) Register in the applet ADTO Business Unionand approve as a freelance sales agent.

(2) Product, enterprise, and market positioning. Choose the matched supply companies on ADTOs website, and you can be a freelance sales agent after the supply company approves your application.

(3) The supply company will provide a standard part-time sales tool kit(including cooperation agreement, operation guide, platform marketing support, etc.) and policy, which allows you to make money immediately.

4. Zero Investment, Risk-Free, Guaranteed

Relying on the integrity operation of ADTO Building Materials and ADTO Business Union, cooperation is guaranteed.

Use your interpersonal network resources to create more wealth for you in your spare time without any investment.

We have strict protection policies for all your customers, and the platform will not operate your customers.

The platform will settle the commission within a specific time. If not, please make a complaint call immediately. If there is any fraud, we promise to pay 1-5 times the compensation.


Marketing Support Makes Your Sales Easier

I. Marketing Support for International Project and Key Customer to make project development and sales easier

1. ADTO Business Union achieves long-term strategic relationships with the top 20 property developers and project contracts in the region. Dozens of new project procurement demands will be shared with cooperative enterprises weekly.

2. Unique Business Model: Providing general contract, subcontract, and building materials one-stop service; Exchanging project funds and materials funds for real estate(maximum proportion 20%).

3. Numerous projects provided by Horizontal Alliances will be shared.

4. Accounts receivable collection assistance.


. International Channel Marketing Support Makes Your Channel Investment Invitation Easier 

1. ADTO Business Union recruits channel and project agents for all the companies on the platform. You can be the exclusive agent in your area or a distributor.

2. Companies on the platform can provide exclusive value for channel distributors, and 6 marketing supports for agents as well.

(1) ADTO will assist distributors in serving 80% of the projects and key customers.

(2)  You will serve the projects undertaken by ADTO in the region. (calculate the price respectively).

(3)  Assist distributors in receivables collection of the projects and key accounts.

(4) 50-300 sales partners will be allocated to help you sell ( No need for salary).

(5) The Horizontal Alliances in the region will share the resources while the cooperative brands will share the products. (In 3 years)

(6)  City-wide promotion activities will be held in your region. (In 3 years)


Join Us, Create More Wealth and Value Through the Discretionary Buying Power of Your Connections

Make Money More Easily

Now we are looking for freelance sales agents around the world

International Business Freelance Sales Agents: Business owners, buyers, salespersons, and other organizations or individuals with a large number of customer resources


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