sales manager
30-100K PHP
Company/Department: ADTO Group/oversea department/Philippine branch
Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above
Number of recruiters: 5
Job Location: manila.,Philippine
Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities    /
1. Achieve the sales target of open programs by means of well-planned and prepared company visits and/or other ways of contacts;

2. Identify and contact new clients;

3. Maintain positive relationship with key accounts and potential accounts (local builders, contractors, distributors, ect...);

4. Attend and follow up various events, activities organized by Construction Institutes;

5. Keep up-to-date CRM database by constant information collection;

6. Ensure completion of sales target through effective coordination efforts and team work. act data - Meeting regular sales targets - Marketing analysis.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements  

1. College degree or above;

2. Rich experience in industrial product marketing or government public relations;

3. Be Familiar with construction companies or property developers in Philippine.

4. Mature, stable, reliable, strong communication and coordination ability, able to stand alone and be good at solving problems;

5. Have a certain understanding of building material products.

Welfare Treatment

1.New employees shall sign a three-year labor contract with a probation period of 3 months. During the probation period, according to personal performance evaluation, they can be transferred to regular posts in advance and enjoy the corresponding post salary.

2.Social insurance such as endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance shall be paid according to regulations, and the company shall pay commercial insurance for each employee.

3.The company has perfect canteen, dormitory, sports and entertainment facilities. Employees from other places can apply for dormitory, swipe cards in canteen with one card and enjoy meal allowance.

4.The company implements professional title subsidies, English subsidies, length of service subsidies, overseas subsidies and academic subsidies (undergraduate and above college students) to improve the treatment of employees.

Company Overview

Founded in 1998, ADTO Group has developed from a complete series of global scaffolding & formwork provider to a building materials & equipment solutions provider. It focuses onthe development of single product division, covering all kinds of building materials & equipment such as engineering machinery, waterproof material, thermal insulation material,securityequipment, fire extinguishing system, household electrical appliance, water supply and drainage system, air conditioner, strong and weak power system, construction paint, scaffolding &formwork, building steel, tools & hardware, labor protection appliance, ceramic sanitary ware, lights & lighting, finishing material, decorative material, furniture and aluminum alloy material.Exclusive global new economic mode "International Trade + Factory + Internet + Big Data" provides customers with one-stop purchasing service, which is supplied directly by factories withquality guaranteed.

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